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Postman Pat makes long-awaited return after ‘intensive care’

The Old Beast Bank Post Office’s Pat returns: Alan Marsh of Cooper Engraving

A Postman Pat collection box that was smashed in a callous act of vandalism earlier this year has returned after spending months being repaired by a local craftsman.

The collection box, which stood outside the old Beast Bank Post Office – made famous as the inspiration for Greendale Post Office, had been used to raise money for the NSPCC.

Marilyn Malloy, whose husband ran the Post Office branch until it closed in 2003, said: “We were really lucky that my husband, Mike, had emptied Pat just before this happened, so whoever did this would only have got away with pennies.

“It was such a shock and so unnecessary. Where we are it is very much a community, people will come with their children to see Pat, who stood right under the plaque John Cunliffe wrote for the wall. The children are always coming past to say hello to Pat, and they would often drop some pennies in for the NSPCC as the went past.”

After the vandalism left Pat without a head, Marilyn and Mike thought the worst and made an appeal to anyone who knew how they could get hold of a replacement. Due to the kindness of local craftsman Alan Marsh, of Cooper Engraving, the couple soon found themselves with an offer to repair the Kendal icon.

Marilyn said: “We’ve been telling everyone Pat’s in intensive care after Alan got in touch to say he had the skills and materials to repair him. We were absolutely thrilled, and when he said he’d do it for free we were even more delighted.

“Alan has been spending a huge amount of time repairing Pat in his spare time, and my husband has repainted him so he looks as good as new. It’s fantastic for Pat to be back in his rightful place outside the house, where everyone can see him.”

But this time Marilyne and Mike won’t be taking any chances. Marilyn explained: “This time we’ve had him fitted with a sensor and alarm, so if anyone tried to damage Pat again we’ll know about it straight away.”

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