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Roadshows with US dairy farmer will showcase value of genomic testing

Tom Oesch

Dairy farmers can hear about the positive impact genomic testing has had on a US dairy farm later this month in a series of roadshows across the UK.

US dairy farmer Tom Oesch from Swiss Lane Farms, Michigan, is milking 2,200 Holsteins, all of which are genomically tested using CLARIFIDE® Plus.

Launched earlier this year in the UK, CLARIFIDE Plus is the first available dairy genetic evaluation specifically designed for, not only production traits, but also cow and calf wellness traits in Holstein and Jersey cattle.

Swiss Lane Farms have been genomic testing heifers for several years using CLARIFIDE Plus. By selecting heifers with high rankings for Net Merit $ and Dairy Wellness Traits, Tom has seen a positive impact on production as well as the health of the herd.

Tom will talk about how he uses CLARIFIDE Plus to select replacements and will showcase the impact it has had on his herd’s performance.


Zoetis vet Dr Dave Armstrong will be talking about how testing with CLARIFIDE Plus can be used to revolutionise the way farmers select heifers based on their ability to fulfil their potential and produce a profitable herd, while reducing their risk for developing mastitis, lameness, metritis, retained placenta’s, displaced abomasum’s and ketosis.

Dr Armstrong said: “CLARIFIDE Plus includes a Dairy Wellness ProfitTM Index (DWP) which incorporates production, reproduction, health, type and wellness making it ideal to base your cow selections on. You can use the wellness trait predictions within CLARIFIDE Plus to effectively predict future health performance.”

How to register

Farmers wishing to attend one of the three events need to register for their place by xxx by emailing [email protected] (please include any dietary requirements)

The deadline to register is Friday 16th August.


  • Tuesday 20th August, 12-2.45pm – Tortworth Court, Tortworth, Wooton-under-Edge GL12 8HH
  • Wednesday 21st August 12-2.45pm- Grosvenor Pulford Hotel, Wrexham Road, Pulford, Chester CH4 9DG
  • Thursday 22nd August 12-2.45pm- The Auctioneer, Rosehill Estate, Carlisle, Cumbria CA1 2RW

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