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Ready Set Click – Kaiden is snapping for gold

Kaiden Meloy (Credit Carlos Reina Photo)

Young Kaiden Meloy, 13 soon to be 14 from Whitehaven already has many amazing experiences under his belt as he embarks on his new venture, and it’s all set to get bigger for this chap in the coming years.

Kaiden for many years has been involved in sports and community events, especially with dedicating a lot of his time to sports club, Cumberland AC and he has taken a liking towards the behind the scenes aspects such as photography and event management.

Kaiden also volunteers regularly at local park run events and back in June reached his 100th volunteer award! Constantly being a champion of volunteering!

Earlier this year he decided to start up his own venture, Media Up North providing photography services to his community and network of friends and family.

He claims, that his dreams started to become a reality in March after he worked at An Evening with Holly Ellison in Gosforth, as a month or so later is when he started Media Up North.

Kaiden and MistaJam

Already the young entrepreneur has met many recognisable faces, this year alone he has met Princess Anne, MistaJam and Holly Ellison. Holly was especially amazed by his professionalism.

The 13-year-old currently in Year 8 at St Benedict’s High School puts people much older than him to shame with his eager determination and drive to turn his dreams into a reality.

Just listening to the events, he has covered this year is exhausting! So good on him for keeping up with it all and remaining focused on his schooling as well as all these other commitments.

Kaiden has covered many events this year including; The Lakesman, Lakeland Loop, Lowca 10K, Gosforth 10, Liverpool Rock and Roll, Harbourside 5K, Princess Anne’s royal visit and many more. He was also taking photographs at a Radio 1 event in Ibiza at the weekend, multitasking the family holiday and his love for photography!

Kaiden’s name is certainly one to look out for when scrolling through the paper looking at the photos as he is constantly improving his skills and getting his images out there. He is also hoping to be involved with photography later on in his life too.

Kaiden is utilising these long summer holidays, making sure he allows time for relaxing but also ensuring he keeps on top of his commitments which will do him huge favours later on in life, giving him a glowing portfolio.

This should certainly send out a message to other youngsters this summer, no matter your age, or your talent go out and get some experience, enjoy it and ensure you note it down!

To see more of Kaiden’s work search for Media Up North on Facebook and Instagram.

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