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‘Roarsome’ Dinosaur Show Stomps into Town

So You Think You Know About Dinosaurs!

When David Attenborough needs to know more about dinosaurs he turns to one man – Dr Ben Garrod – who is bringing his hit stage show for ages 5+, So You Think You Know About Dinosaurs, to Keswick’s Theatre by the Lake on Sun 18 August at 3pm; a perfect treat for the kids over summer school holidays.

Taking the audience on a prehistoric adventure, Dr Ben, an expert evolutionary biologist, will talk about the deadliest predators that ever roamed the planet such as Tyrannosaurus Rex, Allosaurus and Spinosaurus, and ask those more niggling questions, such as: “What does a Stegosaurus have for breakfast?” or “Could you beat a T-Rex in an arm wrestle?”

Pitting the knowledge of unwitting parents against their all-knowing kids, Dr Ben presents an interactive, educational and highly entertaining show using film footage from the BBC’s Planet Dinosaur as well as using photos from his own paleontological dinosaur digs.

He says, “I love meeting dinosaur enthusiasts of all ages as well as sharing as much of my knowledge as possible, projecting audience members 65 million years into the distant past where these fascinating creatures would have walked or swam right where you are now!”

Dr Ben Garrod is an English evolutionary biologist, primatologist and broadcaster and a Teaching Fellow at Anglia Ruskin University.  He completed a doctorate at University College London and the Zoological Society of London and has presented several television shows, including Attenborough and the Giant Dinosaur with Sir David Attenborough, Hyper Evolution: Rise of the Robots for BBC Four and The Day the Dinosaurs Died on BBC Two.  He also presented his own award-winning six-part series for the BBC called Secrets of Bones.

So if you have small people who love dinosaurs or you’re looking to entertain the kids during the school break, then come meet dinosaur aficionado, Dr Ben, in this hit live show. Tickets are £14 or £50 for a family ticket (four people). Who knew learning could be so much fun!

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