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Penrith parking changes

Recent changes to parking provision in Penrith could save motorists money and make it easier to enjoy nights out in the town, according to Eden District Council.

The council has made it easier to book long stay parking in its Sandgate, Bluebell Lane and Drovers’ Lane car parks which cost £5 a day – cheaper than other options such as the Virgin car park at Penrith station.

Motorists can stay for up to seven days at Sandgate and Blue Bell Lane and, if you book online, for unlimited periods at Drover’s Lane and now bookings can be taken online as well as over the phone or at the town hall.

Eden has also reprogrammed its ticket machines to make it easier for people to leave their cars in town overnight. Parking is free between 6pm and 8am at its car parks and now a ticket bought late on one day can roll over to the next. So if you pay for two hours parking at 5.30pm your ticket will now last until 9.30am the next day, for example.

Emily Murphy, engineering officer at Eden District Council, said: “These might be small changes, but they could make a big difference to Eden residents.

“We hope that by making it easier for people to come into Penrith and leave their car in town to collect the next day if they want to enjoy a night out which should support the night time economy.”

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