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Energy Coast UTC students celebrate GCSE results

L-R: Cherry Tingle (Principal), Owen, Harley, Elliot, Abbie, Ella and Connor

The Energy Coast UTC staff and students are delighted by the superb 2019 GCSE results.

Principal Cherry Tingle said: “The hard work of the students, the truly inspirational teaching of our staff and the superb links and support with employers has been rewarded with the superb exam performance of our students.

“Our students have received fantastic academic results as well as superb technical results which will set them up very well for their future studies and careers. On average our students made 2.5 grades progress in the 2 years they are with us – which is exceptional – and the progress which Ofsted recognised as Outstanding.”

L-R: Claire Poddington (Head of Year 11), Abbie, Cherry Tingle (Principal)
L-R: Emma-Louise and Cherry Tingle (Principal)
L-R: Cherry Tingle (Principal) and Liam

Spectacular-results were achieved by many including:

Owen Birkett: 1 grade 9 (Distinction*), 1 grade 8, 6 grade 7 (3 of which were Distinction), 1 grade 6 and 1 grade 5

Erin Houghton: 3 grade 9 (Distinction*) 1 grade 8, 3 grade 7, 2 grade 6

Jack Ainley: 1 grade 9 (Distinction*), 5 grade 7 (2 of which were distinction), 1 grade 6, 1 grade 5, 1 grade 4 (pass)

Connor Richardson: 2 grade 9 (Distinction *), 1 grade 7, 4 grade 6, 2 grade 5

Abbie Newton: 2 grade 7 (1 of which was a distinction), 1 grade 6, 3 grade 5

Ella Agnew: 2 grade 7 (both of which were distinctions), 5 grade 6, 1 grade 5

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