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Windermere School Celebrates Excellent GCSE Results

L-R: Harvey Dalzell, Luey Machell, Rose Mossop and Jack Keane

At Windermere School, students are celebrating again. Following the exceptional International Baccalaureate results achieved by the sixth form students earlier this summer, it’s the turn of the younger students to celebrate with an excellent set of GCSE and IGCSE results.

Of the students in this year’s GCSE cohort, 92% secured the equivalent of A* to C grades in their exams (levels 9 – 4), significantly higher than the national average of 67.3%, while almost half of the students at the school achieved results which were graded A* to A (levels 9 – 7), more than double the national average of 20.8%. The new levels have been introduced to offer more differentiation at the top of the grading scale, meaning a Level 9 is actually even better than an A*.

There were some fantastic individual performances. A special mention goes to the following students, five of whom are local to the area: Jeremy Honey, Luey Machell, Rachael Aylmore, Isaac Ravenhill, Jack Keane and William Turner, who obtained the equivalent of 39 A*s and 10 As between them.

Windermere School offers a mixture of IGCSEs and GCSEs, ensuring that the school can offer a range of courses which are best suited to the students and their aspirations. UCAS and Universities in the UK, and overseas, recognize IGCSE qualifications as equivalent grade for grade with UK GCSE qualifications.

Headmaster at Windermere School, Ian Lavender, was very pleased with the results and was quick to pay tribute to all students and their families, and to the staff across the whole school.

Mr Lavender said: “The upward trend in our results has increased steadily over the last ten years and I am delighted with our results today. For the first time, our top performers are nearly all boys, and five boys (Jeremy Honey, Luey Machell, Jack Keane, Isaac Ravenhill and William Turner obtained thirty-nine A*s (levels 8 and 9) and ten As between them. We remain academically non-selective, but our proportion of A*s (levels 8 and 9) continues to climb each year.

“These results come on top of some outstanding results in the International Baccalaureate Diploma and Careers programmes earlier in the summer, where we had a 100% pass rate and a school average of 34 points.

“We are on target to have a second highest school roll in over a decade this September, so I am really pleased to witness this continued growth in the school.  I would like to congratulate and thank the students and staff for all their hard work and for achieving this success.”

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