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Popular club is pitch perfect thanks to mower donation

A popular football club has netted new grounds equipment thanks to a generous donation.

Volunteers at Whitehaven Miners were struggling to maintain two full-size pitches with a mower that was on its last legs.

Now the club, which runs teams from under-7s up to adults, is aiming to finish a cut above its rivals after being handed a replacement machine entirely free of charge.

The ride-on mower has been donated by Go Plant Fleet Services – a nationwide company that has a depot in nearby Moresby where Shaun Ellis, one of 10 coaches at the club, is an HGV mechanic.

Shaun said: “Whitehaven Miners is home to more than 150 players in a variety of age ranges. There are always games going on and it’s obviously important to have the pitches well prepared.

“Our old mower was really struggling to cope and was breaking down all the time, but we knew it would cost a serious amount of money to buy a new one.

“So when Go Plant Fleet Services said they’d donate a replacement, we were absolutely delighted.

“It has made a massive difference already and we can’t thank them enough.”

The machine is in excellent condition, having been serviced by Go Plant Fleet Services since new.

Paul Gullen, manager at the company’s Moresby depot, said: “When Shaun told me about the issues the club was having with its mower, I wanted to do something to help.

“We’re always keen to play a part in community initiatives and Whitehaven Miners is just down the road.

“We had a very good ride-on mower in the depot that had come back off a contract. And it has been looked after by our technicians so I know it will be stand the test of time for the club.”

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