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Penrith driver admits reversing car into woman

Carlisle Magistrates Court

A Penrith driver has appeared in court and admitted colliding with a woman in the B&M store car park on Bridge Lane, Penrith.

Mark Lewis Upson, 23, of Southend Road in the town pleaded guilty to driving without due care and attention on February 5.

Magistrates in Carlisle were told how Upson was reversing his blue Vauxhall Corsa car from a parking bay in the stores car park, as a female was at the rear of her car in a opposite bay, he didn’t notice her and she was knocked to the floor suffering injuries to her knee and back and suffered cuts and bruises.

The court was told the victim heard some members of staff from a store shouting at her, but it happened so quickly and the Corsa bumped into her causing her to fall and sustain injuries.

Upson was asked in court to comment on the accident, he replied “no-comment”.

Magistrates imposed 5-penalty-points onto his licence, a fine of £206 with court costs of £115,  he was told by the magistrates this was a lapse in concentration on your part while reversing.

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