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Police warn motorists of Ulverston road closures during lantern procession

Officers in Ulverston are urging motorists to be patient during the upcoming Ulverston Charter Lantern Procession which will be held on Saturday 14th September 2019.

The annual event takes place from around 7.45pm until approx. 10pm and consists of four smaller separate pedestrian processions that set off from different locations around Ulverston before meeting at County Square where the enlarged procession parades to Ford Park for entertainment and a firework display.

A road closure order for the town centre has been obtained and will be in place between 7pm and 10pm. Organisers are giving motorists advanced notice of these closures and the likelihood of delays on the A590 through Ulverston. Motorists are urged to take extra care due to increased numbers of pedestrians around the town and on the A590 and roads approaching Ulverston.

Sergeant Rupert Johnston of Ulverston Police said: “There will be a road closure in place for the entire centre of Ulverston between 7pm and 10pm on the 14th September so that the community can enjoy this annual event safely.

“To avoid delays and diversions, we would ask motorists to avoid driving into the area or attempting to leave the town during these times.

“There will be a large number of people walking around the town and their safety is paramount. I hope that residents will be patient and cooperate with the temporary closure and make alternative arrangements in advance because the road closure will only be lifted for emergency service vehicles. The roads can only be reopened when they are clear of participants and spectators.”

Chris Nelson of the organising committee said: “I would ask for people to park considerately, especially along the parade route. There are a number of large lanterns that may struggle to negotiate junctions if cars are parked too close so please bear this in mind. Your motor insurance may not be valid if you flout the Road Closure Notices and cause an accident to others. Please help us keep our festival-goers safe, and the processions flowing smoothly.”

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