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Second Kendal attempted murder accused gives evidence to jury

Carlisle Crown Court

A SECOND defendant accused of trying to kill a man during a late night incident in Kendal has given evidence to a jury.

Luke Peter Canning, aged 22, of Bridge Street, Burneside, and 26-year-old Jordan Lee Jenkinson, of Lound Road in Kendal, are both on trial at Carlisle Crown Court. They deny a charge which alleges they attempted to murder Richard Wilkinson, who was hit more than 30 times to his head and body during an attack at Waterside, Kendal, in the early hours of March 30.

Earlier today (MON), Canning gave evidence, admitting he struck 33-year-old Mr Wilkinson repeatedly with a metal bar but insisting: “I did not want to kill him.”

This afternoon, Jenkinson went into the witness box. He recalled a “hostile” Mr Wilkinson head-butting his friend Canning outside a Kendal pub.

As Mr Wilkinson walked away, Jenkinson said he followed, shouting and stating his belief the incident would be caught on CCTV. Mr Wilkinson, said Jenkinson, turned around and “attacked me with a metal bar”, leaving him “a bit dazed”.

Jenkinson said he briefly saw Canning, who asked how he was, before running “quite fast” after Mr Wilkinson towards Waterside. Jenkinson described being hit again “a number of times” with the bar by Mr Wilkinson and thrown to the floor. Jenkinson said he responded by throwing punches and, from the ground, kicking Mr Wilkinson in the face as he stood above him.

“He has hit me with the bar and knocked my unconscious,” Jenkinson said when asked what happened next. He described coming to, saying: “I just had blood running out of my head like water, just running down my face and in my eyes. I was fearing for my own life.”

Feeling “really sick” and “in shock” he got up and ran off, saying he hadn’t seen Canning at that stage. Jenkinson was later arrested and taken to hospital for treatment before being interviewed.

His barrister, Peter Killen, asked of the incident involving Mr Wilkinson: “Did you intend to kill him?”

“No. Not at all,” Jenkinson replied.

“Did you have any reason in your mind to try to kill him, or cause him really serious harm?” asked Mr Killen.

“No,” Jenkinson replied.

Jurors have heard Canning admits causing Mr Wilkinson grievous bodily harm with intent – a charge which Jenkinson denies.

The trial continues.

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