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Council launches Whitehaven town centre survey

Trudy Harrison (Copeland MP), Mike Starkie (Mayor of Copeland) and Pat Graham (Copeland Council’s Chief Executive) launch Whitehaven’s Future High Streets Fund bid

COPELAND Council has launched a survey to gauge views on Whitehaven town centre.

The survey has been produced to help inform the council’s bid to the Government’s Future High Streets Fund that aims to revitalise and modernise town centres.

It asks the town centre’s residents, visitors and workers to inform the council about their use of the area, and to give their views on the key issues affecting it. It also asks respondents how they would like to use the town centre in the future.

Mike Starkie, Mayor of Copeland, said: “We are working very hard behind the scenes to put together a compelling bid for funding.

“We are engaging with the community, partners and stakeholders in a number of ways, and this survey is a way for the public to feed directly into the process.

“We’re keen to know how people use and view the town centre, and what aspirations they have for its future.”

The Government announced in July that Copeland Council’s bid for Whitehaven has advanced to the second and final stage of the bidding process. If successful, the town would secure a share of the £1 billion fund.

The council’s initial bid was ranked among the UK’s best by Government officials and it has now received funding to develop the full business case.

The strategic themes include:

  • working with public and private investors to repurpose, repair and renew heritage assets
  • creating hubs, workspace and housing and opportunities
  • developing creative leisure spaces, ensuring a flow between the retail area and the harbour
  • modernising the high street and expanding the ‘streetscapes’ initiative
  • developing creative transport solutions and parking provision
  • initiating a digital revolution by developing digital experiences in leisure, tourism and retail

The deadline for the council’s bid is April.

The survey runs until Friday, October 4. It is available at and on the council’s Facebook and Twitter pages. It is also available in hard copy by calling 01946 598300.

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