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John Stevenson re-adopted as Conservative Party candidate for Carlisle

John Stevenson MP

At a meeting of the Executive of the Carlisle Conservative Association, John Stevenson the Conservative MP for Carlisle was re-adopted unanimously by the Executive to be the Candidate for the Conservative Party at the next General Election.

Geoff Mitchell the Chairman of the Carlisle Conservative Association said “The Executive of Carlisle Conservative Association unanimously readopted John Stevenson as our candidate. I am delighted that John has been endorsed in such an emphatic way. He has made a very significant contribution to our city over the last 10 years and has been an excellent Member of Parliament. I firmly believe that it is in the interests of Carlisle that we re-elect John Stevenson as our Conservative MP to support a Conservative Government.“

John Stevenson MP said “I am delighted that the Executive of my local party have readopted me as their candidate. They have given me tremendous support over the last 10 years and I know they are very much ready for the next General Election. I will certainly be working as hard as I possibly can to seek my re-election and build on the work I have been doing with Conservative Government Ministers to help improve the lives, environment of the City of Carlisle.”

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