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Mum facing prison after glassing left Carlisle man blind in one eye

The Cumberland Inn

A MOTHER who glassed a man inside a Carlisle pub, leaving him blind in one eye, has been told she must “expect” a prison sentence.

Mum-of-two Naomi Ballantyne, 32, was celebrating her birthday with 39-year-old husband Darren in the city centre on September 7 last year.

Trouble in a beer garden outside the Cumberland Inn, Botchergate, during which he was punched by Jack Youngson was the “trigger” for more serious violence inside.

Darren Ballantyne punched Mr Youngson to the back of the head near a bar. His wife then grabbed Mr Youngson by the shoulder while holding a glass.

“Her response,” prosecutor Jon Close told a Carlisle Crown Court jury, “was to weaponise the glass that she was holding in her hand. She hit him in the face, in the eye area to be precise, causing catastrophic and life-changing injuries.”

Mr Youngson recalled having “blood pouring from my face” and, the court heard, suffered “a cut to his left eye that was leaking gel”. He underwent surgery but later told police: “I’ve been told I will never regain sight in that eye.”

CCTV capturing the glass attack was played in court today (WED). Naomi Ballantyne admitted unlawfully wounding Mr Youngson but told the jury it was “absolutely not” her intention to do so. However, she was found guilty, unanimously, of wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm.

Judge James Adkin adjourned the case for background reports. Naomi Ballantyne and her husband, both of Stainton Gardens, Carlisle, are due to be sentenced next month, he having previously admitted an affray charge. Judge James Adkin “exceptionally” granted Naomi Ballantyne bail but told her: “You should expect a custodial sentence.”

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