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The Whitehall and Industrial Group visit BAE Systems

Back row (L-R): Kevin Kerrigan (Sheffield Hallam University), Quentin Cole (PwC), Jeremy Marlow (Bain & Company), Chris Wigginton (Sheffield Hallam University), Rob Elsey (Bank of England), Matthew Coffey (Ofsted), John Woodcock (MP). Middle row (L-R): Chintan Patel (GSK), Andrew Miles (GSK), Alan Houmann (Citi), Christian Turner (FCO), John Moorby (BAE Systems). Front row (L-R): Karen Finlayson (PwC), Ruth Hannant (DfT), Clara Swinson (DHSC), Nicky Burton (WIG), Emily Clark (BT), Lee McDonough (DHSC), Hannah Benaim (WIG), Valerie Wark (WIG).

A group of leaders from the private, public and not-for-profit sectors have visited BAE Systems in Barrow as part of a leadership development programme aimed at sharing learning and understanding.

The visit was arranged by the Whitehall and Industrial Group (WIG), an independent charity and membership organisation, made up of around 220 organisations, including BAE Systems.

Through a series of different initiatives aimed at all career levels, the WIG aims to encourage learning, collaboration and mutual trust between the sectors.

The two-day visit to Barrow included a tour of the Devonshire Dock Hall and was hosted by John

Moorby, the Astute Programme Director, who began working with WIG at the start of 2019.

John said: “This visit was an ideal opportunity to demonstrate the strategic nature of what we do in Barrow, and hold discussions on how this impacts the local area across all sectors. To have the opportunity to look around the Devonshire Dock Hall was one I hope they’ll never forget and I’m sure will lead to even greater collaborative opportunities.”

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