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New vegan cafe opens in Carlisle Market Hall

24-year-old Pastry chef brings an eco-conscious flavour to the City Centre

Launching on the 14th of October a brand new vegan cafe is opening in Carlisle Market Hall. Kinga Monostori, a 24-year-old pastry chef from Hungary, is starting a new venture to cater for the growing health food needs of the city.

“I’m really excited to bring something new to Carlisle, and to be one of a handful of Vegan Patisseries in the country!” says Ms Monostori

Faithful Flavours will offer a rotating seasonal menu with cakes, bites, smoothies, tea and coffee. Using the finest fresh ingredients and injecting environmental friendliness into every aspect of business operation; you can feel comfortable in the knowledge that every bite is tasty and doesn’t damage the planet in the process.

Kinga joins a raft of other women led buisiness’ in Carlisle’s Market Hall making it a proving ground for some of the freshest new Cumbrian based talent.

“Women are very underrepresented as entrepreneurs and I’m so happy that I get to start my little shop surrounded by inspiring small business owners!”

Originally hailing from a small town in Hungary, Ms Monostori grew up on her Grandma’s cooking. Inspired to a career in chefing she schooled in Budapest working in a number of restaurants cooking traditional cuisine. Moving to the UK in 2017 she quickly gained a foothold in Lake District food helping Another Place Hotel Ullswater to a raft of awards. It’s here she turned her attention to Pastry and Deserts finding a passion and talent in the finer side of life.

Living on the edge of the Lake District opened her eyes to the beautiful landscape and the ever present fragility of it. She became involved in the environmental movement hoping to impact through meaningful individual change.

“I have seen the effects of climate change creeping into our everyday life and we’re not the ones who will suffer the most as a result. I want a world without fear our kids can grow up in. Reducing the amount of meat we all eat will have a drastic change on greenhouse gas emissions but there are so many other ways we can make an impact! I hope to be a small part of that change!”

With the success of being granted a Start Up Loan Kinga decided to go out on her own offering an alternative to the consumer cafe culture.

Vegan sweets, tea, smoothies and coffee coming to Carlisle 14th October.

Visit Faithful Flavours at Unit 40b/41 (next to the loos) or to find out more visit or find them on social media @faithfulflavoursuk

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