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Volunteer to help measure Cumbria’s dark skies

Little Asby Common (Credit Rob Fraser/

Friends of the Lake District is looking for volunteers to help find out how dark Cumbria’s skies are, and where they could be better, to determine where a ‘Dark Sky Reserve’ could be created in Cumbria.

Cumbria has some of the darkest skies in the country, where people are still able to see the spectacular natural wonders of the stars above. Friends of the Lake District is leading work to gain internationally recognised Dark Skies Reserve status in Cumbria, to help protect this darkness.

Dark Skies officer Johanna Korndorfer said: “We want to ascertain just how good our dark skies are, as well as where they could be better. This will help determine where we can create a ‘Dark Sky Reserve’ within Cumbria.

“Committed volunteers are needed to take dark sky meter readings in five different places around the county. We’ll pick areas closest to where you live and train you on how to use the meter readers and when to take the readings. The data will then be added to our evolving map of dark sky readings.

“Volunteers will go out and take meter readings in pairs, which is safer and more fun. The first round of readings will be taken between 23 – 30 November, when the skies are darkest at the time of no moonlight.”

If you would like to volunteer, please contact Johanna at [email protected]. Training will take place in mid-November.

For more information about the Dark Skies Cumbria project, see

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