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Scaffolding company boss caught drug-driving in Workington avoids jail

Ryan Paton

A WEST Cumbria businessman who flouted a suspended jail term by drug-driving has been spared prison again.

Ryan Thomas Paton, 35, was originally sentenced at Carlisle Crown Court in March, 2018, after admitting a charge of controlling and coercive behaviour, the victim being an ex-partner.

Paton had a 10-month jail term suspended for two years, and was ordered to complete unpaid work and rehabilitation.

But he was back at the crown court today (WED) after his Range Rover was stopped by police on Workington’s Pow Street on the morning of March 29.

A drug wipe proved positive for class B drug cannabis, a personal use amount of which was found in he vehicle. A subsequent blood test showed he was five times the legal limit for a cannabis metabolite.

Paton, of Oak Drive, Stainburn, admitted cannabis possession, driving under the influence of the class B drug and breaching the suspended prison sentence.

The court heard Paton had responsibility for employees at his family’s scaffolding business, and was said to have shown “good compliance” with his previous sentence, completing the unpaid work and, his barrister understood, also the rehabilitation.

Recorder Jeremy Lasker noted Paton’s recent crimes wouldn’t normally attract a prison sentence for first offences, and concluded: “I do think it would be unjust at this stage to impose that suspended sentence.”

Paton, of Oak Drive, Stainburn, Workington, received a 12-month conditional discharge for cannabis possession, was fined £450 for drug-driving and given a 12-month road ban. For breaching the suspended sentence order – which remains in force – he must complete 20 extra unpaid work hours.

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