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New Penrith Canoe Polo A Team has reasonable start to season

L-R: Chris Archer, Morven Fox, Rhys Kernan, Tim Mather, Dan Farley and Nigel Smith

With half the A team and half the B team leaving at the end of last season to go to University or jobs elsewhere, the remainder of the 2 teams joined forces and entered the Regional North West & Central league Division 2 and the national Division 3 North (Last season the A team were in Div 2 and the B team won div 4 to get promoted to Div 3).

The first tournament was on Sat 2nd Nov 2019 at Cheadle pool in Manchester. This was one of the 3 regional Div 2 tournaments this season.

Penrith played 3 matches and were a bit nervous about the standard. However, nerves were lost and confidence boosted as they won the first match against Tees Tigers 9-4 with goals from Morven Fox, Chris Archer and Tim Mather. The next game against Liverpool Coburg was much harder.

Their junior players from last season have all grown bigger and stronger, so after a fairly well matched game, they triumphed 5-2 with both Penrith goals from Chris Archer.

Viking Canoe Club didn’t field a team which gave Penrith a 3-1 win (league rules), so instead Penrith played a scratch team of other players at the tournament, which was a hard game, but good experience even though Penrith lost 3-0.

Next weekend Penrith kick off the National Div 3 season with a five game tournament!

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