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Serial Carlisle nuisance jailed for 78th breach of court order

Andrew Bell

A SERIAL Carlisle nuisance has been jailed after flouting a court order which aims to curb his bad behaviour – for the 78th time.

Andrew John Jason Bell, 42, has long been the subject of strict requirements – imposed at the request of police – to keep a lid on his disorderly conduct. Most recently he was made subject to a criminal behaviour order (CBO) which prohibits him from being in the city centre at night, and when under the influence of alcohol.

The scene of Bell’s latest breach, at English Street in Carlisle

But at 11-45pm on October 5, homeless Bell was seen by a police officer outside the Open Mind bar on English Street, in clear breach of the CBO. Responding to his arrest, he stated: “I hate having my freedom taken away. I will kick off with the police and the judges. This isn’t fair.”

Asked why he was in the city centre at that time, Bell replied: “Because I’m stupid, probably.”

He later admitted his 78th order breach and was sentenced at Carlisle Crown Court today (FRI). Defence solicitor John Smith said Bell perceived he was left to “fend for himself” when repeatedly released from jail terms without accommodation. Bell was said to be “acceptable” for a city hostel place, had the offer of professional support and was, said Mr Smith, “motivated” to address mental health issues in the community.

Judge Nicholas Barker, who heard Bell had 178 offences on his criminal record, jailed him for four months. “You know what you are doing when you are doing it,” Judge Barker said of the persistent breaches. “So consequently the options available to the court are very, very narrow indeed.”

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