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Dental practice calls in all patients for retirement celebration

In the Tufton Cottage Dental Surgery L-R: Barbara Govan, Richard Govan, Rhianna Hower and William Crank.

A dental practice in Appleby is inviting all their patients and friends to join them for a celebration to mark the retirement of Richard Govan from the family firm after 43 years in dentistry.

Richard and his wife Barbara have built up the Tufton Cottage Dental Practice in Chapel Street over the past 37 years. Two years ago, William Crank and Rhianna Hower joined the practice, and during this time have worked together with Richard and Barbara to ensure a smooth handover to the new couple.

Like Richard and Barbara, William and Rhianna met while studying dentistry. William, from Huddersfield has been working as a dentist in Sheffield, before moving to Appleby and Rhianna returned to dentistry after working as a maternity nurse, to take over from Barbara as Practice Manager.

To mark the end of an era at the Tufton Cottage Dental Practice patients and friends are invite to join the team for a drink and chat to say farewell to Richard and Barbara on Friday, 20 December between 2-5pm.

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