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80mph Carlisle drink-driver loses jail term appeal

Carlisle Crown Court

A MOTORIST who clocked 80mph on a main Carlisle road while almost twice the drink-drink limit has lost his appeal against the jail term he was given.

Police received reports about the concerning manner of Anthony Robert Miller’s driving in the Morton area at around 4-25am on October 10.

Despite being ordered by an officer to stop, Miller accelerated away in a residential area restricted to 30mph, and reached speeds of up to 80mph on Wigton Road.

After making a sudden move left and travelling through a red light, 40-year-old Miller braked violently and tried to reverse into the pursuing police vehicle before being detained, Carlisle Crown Court heard.

Miller, of the city’s Dobinson Road, refused a roadside breath test, but was later found to be almost twice the legal limit. He admitted dangerous driving, drink-driving, no insurance and driving otherwise than in accordance with a licence.

During a magistrates’ court sentencing hearing he was jailed for 120 days. Miller’s appeal against the severity of that punishment was heard at the crown court, where his solicitor conceded it had been a

“terrible course of driving” but noted there were no other people around at that time of the morning, and that nobody was hurt.

But after hearing all submissions, a panel dismissed Miller’s appeal. “This was a serious, aggravated piece of dangerous driving in our judgement,” Judge Nicholas Barker concluded.

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