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Charity’s General Election advice for people with learning disabilities

A still from the Carlisle Mencap film, Hear My Voice

A CARLISLE-BASED charity is re-releasing a short film called Hear My Voice, in time for next month’s General Election, which explains to people with learning disabilities the processes of voting.

Hear My Voice was first produced in March 2015 in the run-up to the General Election of May 7, 2015 by Carlisle Mencap’s award-winning Independence Studio, based at the charity’s Grace Little Centre for children in north Carlisle.

The film, which is five and a half minutes long, explains the various ways you can vote – at a polling station, by post and by proxy – and looks more closely at the three methods.

Sheila Gregory, the charity’s CEO, said: “This film is important in pointing out that someone with a learning disability CAN take part in an election and is just as entitled to cast their vote as the next person. Just as importantly, it explains how they can do so in an engaging and clear fashion, especially useful for first-time voters who may be daunted about the whole process. We are very proud of this film and we feel it is vital we put this out again in the run-up to the next election on December 12.”

The Independence Studio has in recent years also produced award-winning short films highlighting the issues of hate crime and mate crime and is currently working on a new film, supported by the Police and Crime Commissioner’s Office in Cumbria, on the dangers of online exploitation and cyberbullying.

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