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Caldew School pathway to the workplace

Next week, Caldew School’s Year 11 students will move from a day behind desks to learning about what businesses want from future employees.

All Year 11 students will take part in a Work Ready programme with business leaders from across the county on Wednesday 20 November 2019

Local businesses recognise the need to support schools, with many businesses forging links with Caldew School to support us in developing a diverse workforce, giving students the right employability skills that businesses require for the ever changing needs of today’s economy.

The day will come as a reminder to all students that it is not just good exam results that employers seek, of equal importance are the skills that young people need for life and work.

Caldew School have developed the Work Ready Programme over a number of years with key employers from the region taking part in the programme. Thirty two businesses including Inspira, Gen 2, Burnetts, Newcastle United, Story Homes, David Allen and Co., The NHS and Army, Nestle and the Lloyd Group will take part in the Work Ready day.

During the morning all Year 11 students will take a part in a rotation of workshops looking at application forms, CV Writing, team building & communication, Interview and employability skills lead by Inspira, Hello Future, Gen 2 and Newcastle United Football Club.

During the afternoon every student will have a personal, one-to-one interview with a major employer from the county and be given feedback and guidance on their performance.

Caldew School Head teacher Vicki Jackson said: “Our students have so much talent it is essential we give them the guidance that allows them to decide on the most appropriate route into employment where they can use it effectively. The Work Ready day helps focus their minds on the choices ahead. Whether it is University, studying in our Sixth Form, college or an apprenticeship it is vital they make the choice that is right for them.”

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