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A Landscape to Inspire

Landscape charity Friends of the Lake District has welcomed four new Patrons’ to its ranks including photographers, a celebrated filmmaker, and a passionate young advocate for the environment.

The charity works to get people inspired by the beauty and diversity of the Cumbrian and Lake District landscape, to have an understanding of how it has been shaped and to care for and help look after it for the benefits it brings to people’s lives.

Over its 85 year history it has had had the support of many illustrious Patrons who have shared in its concern for the wellbeing and care of this enduring landscape. Today, the charity continues to attract support from those find inspiration in the fells and valleys of the Lake District.

Amy Bray

Amy Bray was just 17 when she founded her environmental charity ‘Another Way’, inspiring thousands to make pledges to protect and enhance both our local and global environment. Her enthusiasm continues to drive numerous projects including zero-waste shop Another Weigh, community tree-planting and education programme ‘Devotion to Ocean’.

Amy’s passion for conservation was kindled in the fells and becks of the Lake District so it is fitting that Amy becomes the charities latest Patron:

“There is nowhere on earth quite as unique and special as this National Park, nowhere I feel so connected to the nature that we share our planet with. I am honoured to be able to support the work of Friends of the Lake District to protect and enhance this precious landscape and home”.

Terry Abraham

Terry Abraham is a celebrated Filmmaker and Photographer. He is best known for producing and directing the BBC hits ‘Life of a Mountain: Scafell Pike’ and ‘Life of a Mountain: Blencathra’ and is currently producing the finale to his ‘Life of a Mountain’ series featuring Helvellyn. The dramatic footage of some of Cumbria’s most celebrated peaks and intimate interviews with those living their shadow serving to illustrate Terry’s passion for the Lake District.

“When approached about becoming a Patron a couple of months or so ago I was both stunned and honoured. I’ve always admired the charity for what it stands for and believes in for many years.

“Goodness only knows that in recent years there have been and continue to be various threats from many angles that seek to commercialise (and more besides) England’s most popular ‘National Park”.

John and Rosamund Macfarlane

Rosamund and John Macfarlane will be well known to those living in Cumbria. Their award winning photography captures the true essence of the Lake District landscape like few others; a product of their lifelong passion for the landscape, nature, wildlife and travel.

“We are delighted and honoured to become Patrons. We shall do what we can to spread the vital message about maintaining such a much loved environment for the well-being of those who live and work here, for the benefit of the many visitors and for the conservation of our flora and fauna”.

They all join an illustrious list of Patrons who have offered their support to the charity since its creation in 1934. It is encouraging to see that the enduring landscape of Cumbria continues to inspire talented artists, passionate conservationists and charities like Friends of the Lake District to celebrate and to care for it.

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