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Penrith community are not forgotten this Christmas thanks to The Salvation Army present appeal

The Salvation Army launches its Christmas Present Appeal

A local church and charitable organisation is ensuring that no one in the town will wake up without a present this Christmas Day.

The Salvation Army’s church and community centre in Penrith, located on Hunter Lane, is encouraging the local community to add an extra gift to their shopping list this year so that families struggling to buy a present for their loved ones can make sure there is something for them to open on Christmas Day.

Major Carole Donaldson, joint leader of the Salvation Army Penrith said: “Christmas is known as a time for celebrating but unfortunately not everyone can enjoy this time of the year, which for many can be a time of hardship with the added expense that the festive season can bring.

“This time of year can be more of a struggle than normal for some and so we feel our Christmas present appeal is our way of bridging that gap and sharing a present in the presence of Christmas.”

People are invited to drop a new, unused and unwrapped gift for people of all ages to the collection point at the church and community centre on Hunters Lane. The Salvation Army will then sort and distribute the gifts to families in the area through its own networks and local groups which include schools, doctors, local authority and the job centre.

Major Donaldson added: “We work with a lot of local organisations and you can rest assured that donating a gift to our appeal will support not only the lonely, isolated and vulnerable members of our community but the families that may be in crisis and for that we are most grateful.”

The Christmas Present Appeal will run from Monday, November 18, until Friday, December 20, 2019.

Alternate drop off locations include Booths supermarket, located on Westgate House, and Morrisons supermarket, located on Brunswick Road.

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