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Carlisle man who harassed ex and threatened to “end her life” is jailed

Carlisle Crown Court

A CARLISLE man who made chilling threats to his ex-girlfriend after she tried to cut off contact has been jailed for 16 months.

Daniel Norman, 29, was handed a restraining order during 2018 which banned him from contacting the woman. There was contact between the pair after he was released from a prison sentence earlier this year, although by early May she told him that was unwelcome.

But, during May, Norman bombarded her with scores of phone calls and, on one day alone, left 96 voicemails. In one he vowed to “end her life”, Carlisle Crown Court heard this afternoon (THURS).

There was also an incident on May 15 as the woman met Norman and rejected his offer to walk her home. “The defendant grabbed her as she attempted to remove herself,” prosecutor Tim Evans said. “He pushed her against a fence, poured a bottle of juice over her, threatened to punch her face in and end her life.”

Norman, of Shadygrove Road, Carlisle, admitted putting Miss Downie in fear of violence by harassment, breaching a restraining order and asked for a further two breaches to be taken into consideration.

The court heard of Norman’s personality disorder, emotion control difficulties, and, said his defence counsel Kim Whittlestone, that he had “underlying issues that need to be addressed”. The woman had also contacted him during July.

For the offences, Norman was jailed by Judge Nicholas Barker, and banned from contacting the woman for 10 years. Of the May 15 incident, Judge Barker told him: “That was undoubtedly an unpleasant and deeply distressing incident for her.”

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