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Man given indefinite hospital order after killing his father

Jonathan MacMillan

A man who killed his father in a property in South Cumbria has today (Dec 3) been given an indefinite hospital order under section 37 of the mental health act with restrictions under section 41 of the same act.

Jonathan MacMillan, 28, of Provincial Street, Barrow, pleaded not guilty to murder on the 8th November at an earlier hearing but admitted manslaughter on the grounds of diminished responsibility. MacMillan was today (Dec 3) given an indefinite hospital order at Preston Crown Court, he will be detailed in a secure hospital for treatment.

Police were called by NWAS following a call they received on the 16th June at approximately 6:40pm to the report of a man having been stabbed at a property on Provincial Street.

John MacMillan

Paramedics attended the property and called police believing it was a crime scene. The man, John MacMillian was pronounced dead at the scene.

Jonathan was at the property on Provincial Street when the emergency services arrived and was taken into custody and arrested later that day on suspicion of murder.

Detective Superintendent David Pattinson said: “I would like to thank those officers who initially responded to the 999 call and the team that subsequently worked thoroughly and professionally on a difficult investigation in order to secure this result at court today.

“There are no winners here today, this is a tragic set of circumstances that has obviously had a devastating and profound impact on the family. Our thoughts are with them at this time.”

Tributes from the family

John’s brother Tony said: “All the family are extremely heartbroken with all the events of the past few months and would like to pay tribute to our loving brother uncle and great friend John,  he will be missed by all the family and the Barrow community of friends who knew John.

“We would like to thank all of the team involved in this very difficult case and would like to  especially thank the FLO team for their compassion in dealing with this very difficult family tragedy, we would also like to thank all the friends who have made our lives a bit easier with their kind words.

“Whilst realising the errors made by the mental health service have been catastrophic nothing can turn the clock back, we can only hope this never happens to any other family and lessons can be learned.

“Maybe now we can try and resume some sort of normal life again albeit without our oldest brother and best friend. Rest in peace, John Macmillan.”

John’s niece Julie said: “To anyone that crossed paths with John – whether it be a game of snooker, a pint, a taxi ride or free ride where he refused any payment out of the kindness of his heart – you’ll know he was a good man, he loved a good story and you knew if you got in a taxi with him you’d be getting one! John had no expectations and just got on with his life obliviously and happy to help others- you’ll be missed Uncle John.”

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