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Teen burgled ex-girlfriend’s Carlisle home – and then pawned the loot

Cyle Campbell

A TEENAGER who burgled his ex-girlfriend’s Carlisle home and then pawned his loot has been sentenced by a judge.

Cyle Campbell, 19, had been in a month-long relationship with the female in March this year.

On July 16, she travelled to Glasgow, leaving her Harraby home in the city unoccupied with a window insecure for a cat to get in and out.

But while the householder was away, a neighbour saw intruder Campbell – who was recognised as a former resident – both in the vicinity of the address and then in an upstairs window around the middle of the day.

And when she returned, the female found £500 worth of belongings, an Xbox and console games, had been taken. Campbell pawned them for £95 at a store in central Carlisle, where he was also known.

Campbell admitted burglary and fraud charges arising out of the crime, which had a “significant impact” on the victim, the city’s crown court heard. She was left anxious and depressed, didn’t feel safe and was reluctant to leave her home unoccupied for fear of the crime happening again.

Judge Nicholas Barker noted the teen – previously of Gelt Road, Brampton, and latterly of Keighley, West Yorkshire – had no other crimes to his name, and concluded there was a “realistic possibility of rehabilitation”.

As a result, the judge imposed a two-year community order. Campbell must complete a rehabilitation activity requirement, “thinking skills” course, two-month night-time curfew and a drug treatment requirement.

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