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Canoe Polo North West & Central League Division 4

Penrith Canoe Polo Team Players L-R: Thomas Coleman, Nick Austin, Jethro Carrott, Jasper Carrott and Nathan Bolton.

Penrith Canoe Club attended last Saturday the second of 3 Regional competitions at Cheadle, in Manchester.

Having won all of their matches at the last competition they were under pressure to maintain this level of play.

They came away with a draw against Manchester University 4-4. They then played Bangor University and lost 5-3 to then go on and win their last game against Salford Lions 6-2.

At the end of all the matches Penrith remained in top position with 16 points closely followed by Trentham B on 13 points held jointly with Bangor University.

There was some hard fought matches with differing levels of teams.

Everyone was very friendly and supportive of each other. Penrith are looking forward to the last competition on 25 January 2020.

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