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Central Plaza demolition update

Following contractors taking control of the Central Plaza site on Monday 11 November, work continues and has included some partial demolition.

This has included the separation of the Central Plaza Hotel from West Walls Theatre, the demolition of the lower range of buildings and the construction of an access platform to accommodate a 67-tonne high reach demolition excavator.

A Carlisle City Council spokesperson said: “As you’re aware, the design team explored all options to safely demolish the building but due to the loading restrictions on Victoria Viaduct, the high reach demolition excavator will commence work from the rear of the site gaining access to the site via West Walls working forwards to Victoria Viaduct.

“The demolition vehicle is due to arrive on site next week. Once it is safely positioned on site, the demolition of the main building will take place.

“It is estimated that around 8,000 tonnes of rubble will be removed from the site, resulting in excess of 450 trips by HGVs to remove the rubble. This will then be taken to a registered recycling centre. Attempts to salvage the ornate carvings from the side of the building will also be made.

“The work be completed as quickly and safely as possible. Contractors will continue to work over the Christmas period.

“The site continues to be secure and 24-hour security is in place with CCTV monitoring in place to prevent unauthorised access behind the debris field.

“We continue to support businesses and have put in place a hardship fund for businesses directly affected. We have also set-up a hotline which will enable those businesses affected to have direct access to the support team. The number is 01228 817444 or email [email protected]

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