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Pooley Bridge replacement structure moves forward on 4th anniversary of Storm Desmond

Pooley Bridge concrete foundation works

Construction work on a replacement structure at Pooley Bridge has taken another step forward this week, marking the fourth anniversary of Storm Desmond which destroyed the historic old stone bridge.

Contractors have now started pouring the concrete foundations for the first of the bridge abutments, which once complete will support the visible part of the bridge and transfer the load into the ground.

Approximately 250 cubic metres of concrete will be placed on the east bank of the River Eamont at Pooley Bridge over the coming days and used to help create a reinforced concrete housing in which steel supports and bearings will be placed.

Cumbria County Council is investing £5m in the replacement bridge project, scheduled to be completed in Spring 2020. Work on the project continues to progress well, both on and off site.

Pooley Bridge concrete foundation works

The bridge is being fabricated in four separate quarters, at a factory off site, and will then be transported to the village, assembled on the river bank and lifted into place. The bridge once fully fabricated will have taken about 13,000 ‘man hours’ to create.

Pooley Bridge remains open for business throughout the construction period. A temporary footbridge, lifted into position in September 2019, has proved very popular as a link across the river and will stay in place until the new permanent road bridge is completed.

Cumbria County Council would like to thank the local community, businesses and visitors to Pooley Bridge for their patience and understanding during the construction of this important project.

The county council would also like to thank everyone who has supported the Pooley Bridge Pavers community project and become part of Pooley New Bridge history. All monies raised from the sale of pavers after costs will go towards creating a community fund to support Pooley Bridge village initiatives and enhance community life. It’s hoped that figure may be in excess of £40,000.

A spokesperson for Cumbria County Council said: “Once installed the bridge will be the only stainless steel road bridge in the UK. We believe this bridge will mark a new chapter for the village with a modern, iconic structure fitting for one of the main entrances to the Lake District National Park.”

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