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Prolific Carlisle shoplifter loses jail term appeal

Pete Vickers

A PROLIFIC Carlisle shoplifter has lost his appeal against a jail term he was given for more thieving.

Pete Vickers, 42, of Chatsworth Square, was handed a prison sentence and a Criminal Behaviour Order (CBO) in April for a string of store thefts. This CBO banned him from entering city Shopwatch premises and a garden centre for two years.

But on November 20, Vickers visited Wilko in central Carlisle. CCTV showed him entering the Market Hall premises with an empty bag which was full when he left the store minutes later. He’d stolen £76.50 worth of goods including a copper kettle, copper toaster and cafetière which, it later emerged, he intended to sell for food.

Vickers – a man with a total of 208 criminal offences to his name – was handed a 14-week jail term for his Wilko crime. His appeal against the severity of that sentence was heard by a judge and two magistrates at Carlisle Crown Court.

His barrister, Brendan Burke, revealed how “troubled” Vickers had learned of threats made to him over a two-year-old drug debt. This prompted Vickers to stop venturing out to see his GP, substance misuse service Unity, and to collect benefits.

“The inevitable consequence of that was immediately relapsing into the behaviour that has been a problem for so long,” Mr Burke told the court.

Judge Julie Clemitson, noted Vickers’ medication was now “back on track” in custody and hoped he would continue to build on his progress when released on licence and subject to post-sentence supervision.

But Judge Clemitson concluded: “Regrettably, however, we are unable to allow his appeal.”

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