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Scalesceugh Hall rising from the ashes after devastating fire

Photo Lazonby Fire Station

Scalesceugh Hall is on track to be open by summer next year, following a devastating fire only three months ago.

The blaze gutted the Edwardian mansion, at Carleton, near Carlisle, destroying months of restoration work.

Bruno and Dr Anita Herdeiro

But owners Bruno and Dr Anita Herdeiro have revealed that work to restore the building again is progressing at a record-breaking pace.

The project was expected to have taken about 15 months to complete, but the Herdeiros were determined to have the building ready for development into retirement apartments within just six months.

The couple say they are on track to achieve this by the spring, with apartments available in the summer.

They have launched a video highlighting their emotional journey, from winning awards to the devastating fire, to exciting plans for 2020.

The video has been created by Lou Kneath of +3K Animation Studios in Carlisle.

As well as creating new retirement apartments, Bruno and Anita will open a Spa and Wellness Centre in the spring, and make the final few villas available for sale.

The turnaround is even more impressive when you remember that Anita and Bruno have four young children, and their own home was extensively damaged in the fire.

Work taking place inside Scalesceugh Hall & Villas

Anita admits: “The fire was devastating. However, it brought a great display of community spirit.

“A great community spirit is something which is unobtainable in many parts of the UK.

“It has given us the opportunity to create something even better, to make the impossible, possible.”

The recovery has involved teams working long hours every day, from Cumbria and across the world.

They braced the surviving walls of the hall to protect them from further damage.

CGI design for the Spa & Wellness Centre

Planners, architects, conservation groups and international experts have consulted closely with the construction and restoration workers.

Anita says: “The video reflects our success in creating something visionary, unexpected and internationally-acclaimed, going through a journey like a phoenix rising through adversity.

“We are determined to work hard to maintain our vision for Scalesceugh.”

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