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Ambleside film premiere documents Brathay’s gruelling 10in10

A film documenting the sweat and tears that go into completing one of the Lake District’s most gruelling physical challenges is due to have its premiere.

‘Ten’ tells the story of Joe Morrell, one of the runners in 2019’s Brathay 10in10, in which runners complete 10 consecutive marathons around Windermere on 10 consecutive days.

The final marathon coincides with the ASICS Windermere Marathon, which is held every year in May, and which attracts thousands of runners from across the country.

Since it first began in 2007 the event has raised over £1m for the Brathay Trust, in Ambleside.

Brathay works with 7000 youngsters every year, many of whom are struggling at school, at risk of sexual exploitation or are in, or leaving, care.

Joe Morrell

Film maker Giles Brown, from Kendal, followed Joe’s progress over six months throughout his training and participation in the event.

The first public screening of the film is due to take place at Zeffirelli’s, in Ambleside, at 6.30pm on Friday January 10.

“Following Joe’s progress during the 10in10, and that of all the runners was a real inspiration,” said Giles.

“For Joe, and many of the others, it was the first time they had taken on the challenge, having completed only a few marathons in the past. To see them then take on something which would make many seasoned runners think twice was incredible.

“In ‘Ten’ I wanted to try and get across not only what it takes to run 10 marathons in 10 days, but the general motivations people have for running and pushing themselves to the limit, as well as the support network necessary to get them across the line every day and get them back to the start the next morning.”

Joe, who at the time of the event was studying for a degree in sports and rehabilitation at the University of Cumbria campus in Lancaster, was himself inspired to take on the challenge after working at the 2018 10in10 event.

University of Cumbria sends a team of student physiotherapists to work with the runners each year.

Joe was so inspired by the athlete he was assigned to work with – Paul Brown – that he signed up to do the 10in10 himself, despite only having run one marathon at the time.

“The event will be with me for life,” said Joe.

“They talk about the ‘Brathay bubble’ and once you’re in it, you’re in it. Brathay is home for me, or my second home.

“It’s just an amazing experience, probably the worst experience of my life, but the best experience of my life.”

The screening has been organised with Jogging Pals, a Kendal-based group which aims to help people get into running for the first time and support them as they improve.

Wayne Singleton, who is also a radio host on Lake District Radio, is one of those behind the group.

“I’ve had the privilege of being finish line MC for the ASICS Windermere Marathon for three or four years now,” said Wayne.

“I find the 10in10 inspiring for all number of reasons – from the front end athletes who record remarkable times day in day out, to the amazing ‘normal’ people like the legendary Sonja Sonic Farish. I’m also in awe of the concept that they do the same route day after day for 10 days – after doing it once I wanted to sob

“Jogging Pals love to inspire people to get active, particularly through running, and we deliver the family trail and junior races alongside the Windermere Marathon. A bunch of our pals have now completed the marathon and last year’s 5k, and we hope at some point to see someone finish the 10in10.”

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