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Carlisle man appears in court after ‘knife incident’

Carlisle Magistrates Court

Magistrates in Carlisle have heard from prosecutor John Moran how police were notified of a possible domestic violence incident on Saturday January 4.

When officers arrived at Balmoral Court in the city they found Domonic Winner, 28, in an agitated state, the situation was very volatile between him and the officers, he grabbed a 10” kitchen knife from a sofa in the living-room and locked himself in another room away from officers, there was also a female in the home at the time

Winner then stabbed a glass-door and “sparks” were seen the court was told, it is alleged he then made slashing motions across his neck with the knife.

The court was told an officer felt frightened in the situation they were placed.

The allegations he faces are, affray threatening unlawful violence, with two-allegations of common assault on an emergency worker, two-police officers, he was eventfully talked from the property by family and friends, he was then arrested and appeared before North and West Cumbria Magistrates Court from police custody.

When the charges were read to him he indicated no-plea, Antony Wilson defending told the court his client has mental issues and desperately needs help, the lawyer asked the magistrates to look at the defendants face as he sat in the dock area, his head had cuts with more cuts along his arms, Domonic would not have used the knife against the officers or anyone else just himself the lawyer said.

Magistrates remanded him in custody to appear before a judge at Carlisle Crown Court on February 10.

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