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Carlisle man admits being naked in garden

Scotby Gardens

A man from Scotby Gardens in Carlisle has pleaded guilty to two-charges of exposure in Carlisle, in that he intentionally exposed himself intending that someone would see him and they could be caused alarm or distress.

David Shaun Watson, 50, gave his address as Scotby Gardens, Carlisle when he appeared at North and West Cumbria Magistrates Court today.

Watson pleaded guilty to both offences, prosecutor John Moran told the court on September 19, 2019 he was seen by a neighbour who lives at the rear of Watson’s property standing naked in the rear garden and sexually gratifying himself.

Then on September 27, he was again seen by neighbours standing naked at the patio door pleasuring himself the prosecutor said, when Watson was interviewed by police officers his explanation was he “had a rash and he was scratching” it, The court was informed his neighbours have now moved away.

Chris Toms for Watson said this was a “tragic case” his client has mental health issues and is under counselling at this time, there had been ongoing problems with the neighbours and he thought they were looking towards his house and thought I’ll go to the patio door and in his clients words “if they are staring at me I will give them a show”. The lawyer then said Watson will be leaving the property very shortly.

Watson will return to the Magistrates Court on January 28 for sentencing, The Probation Service was requested to supply a written background report for that day.

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