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Man jailed for carrying knuckleduster and bracelet with concealed blade in street

Peter Edgar

A MAN caught carrying a knuckleduster, bladed bracelet and drugs illegally in his West Cumbria home town has been jailed for a year.

Police were alerted on the afternoon of November 10 after a member of the public expressed concern about the apparently drunken and disorderly behaviour of 51-year-old Peter Alexander Edgar and another male in Workington.

Edgar was approached by a PC on Fisher Street. A knuckleduster was found in his jacket pocket, and he also had a bracelet with a concealed one-inch blade. He was also found to be in illegal possession of two different class C drugs.

Edgar, of Corporation Road, Workington, was arrested, interviewed and then bailed. But he was back in hot water five days later. After more suspicious behaviour came to the attention of police, an officer found he had three different drugs – two class C and one class A heroin – on his person.

He was sentenced today (TUES) having admitted possessing an offensive weapon, bladed article and five drugs charges.

Judge Peter Davies heard Edgar had possessed a knuckleduster and dagger illegally on separate previous occasions, and been jailed in the past for violence offences – included plunging an ornamental sword through a man’s torso.

The court was told of “chaotic and wretched” elements of Edgar’s lifestyle, and that his illegal possession of the knuckleduster and bracelet were in response to his anticipation of almost daily conflict with undesirable others.

He was jailed for 12 months. “Blades in Cumbria will not be tolerated. I don’t care whether they are one inch or nine inches,” said Judge Davies.

“You are 51 years of age. You should have put this sort of behaviour behind you a long, long time ago.

“When someone goes out with a blade – concealed blade – they carry with them a risk of causing serious harm to others, and that won’t be tolerated.”

Judge Davies ordered the forfeiture and destruction of all illegal items seized from Edgar.

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