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Rogue roofer and new dad facing jail for fraud and “aggressive” trading crimes

Carlisle Crown Court

A ROGUE roofer and recent new dad has heard he could be jailed for “aggressive” trading crimes committed against South Cumbria householder.

Zachary O’Connor, 33, admitted three offences when he appeared at Carlisle Crown Court earlier today (THURS).

All involve his illegal business conduct towards a female resident of Natland, near Kendal, during June of 2018.

O’Connor admitted two counts of fraud. One was committed as he provided with her with a roofing quote to consider when, in fact, signing the document would have meant she was purportedly waiving her rights to cancel the contract.

The second occurred as he made a representation that was untrue and misleading – “namely that £2,300 was a fair and reasonable cost for the work he was going to do on her house”.

The third offence admitted by O’Connor involved engaging, “aggressively”, as a trader.

Court papers reveal he attended the victim’s home and, without telling her he had returned, started building work to which she had not agreed; and on the same day also told her extra roofing work needed doing, and that the job “would now cost £4,000”.

O’Connor’s barrister, Fraser Livesey, conceded the defendant “has got a poor record for this type of offending”. Giving some personal background, Mr Livesey told the court: “He has had a new child as recently as six days ago.”

Judge Nicholas Barker adjourned the case for the preparation of a probation service pre-sentence report, and to allow the defendant to obtain references.

O’Connor, of Barley Cop Lane, Lancaster, was granted bail and is due to be sentenced on February 6.

Judge Barker told Mr Livesey: “He must understand, as I’m sure he does, that the prospect of immediate custody is uppermost in the court’s mind.”

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