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Barrow man jailed for breaching interim civil injunction

Barrow-in-Furness Magistrates Court

On Monday 6th January officers from the Community team in Barrow in conjunction with Cumbria Police’s legal services team successfully applied for an interim civil injunction against Darren Fawcett, aged 46 of no fixed abode.

One of the prohibitions of the interim injunction prevents Fawcett from entering a predefined area around Storey Square, Barrow. Breaching the injunction is a civil contempt of Court punishable by a term of imprisonment of up to two years.

The injunction is sought by Cumbria Constabulary as a means to protect vulnerable victims and the wider community from persistent anti-social behaviour.

At Barrow County Court yesterday (Jan 14) Fawcett was sentenced to 12 weeks imprisonment after he admitted breaching the terms of the injunction twice in close succession on the 10th and 13th January.

Sergeant David Proctor said: “We have utilised all the legal tools available to Cumbria Constabulary to protect communities from persistent anti-social behaviour.

“Fawcett’s imprisonment is a success to be proud of . I hope this sends out a message to other prolific offenders that that we will take action to bring people to justice.”

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