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Danger driver suffered catastrophic injuries after high speed A69 crash

Nathan Lamming outside Carlisle Crown Court

A MOTORIST whose dangerous overtake on the A69 caused a crash which left himself with catastrophic injuries has been given a suspended jail term.

A judge at Carlisle Crown Court observed today (MON) that Nathan James Lamming, 28, was “lucky to be alive” after his BMW left a single carriageway stretch of the main road, between Carlisle and Newcastle close to the Cumbria-Northumberland border at Greenhead Bank, on January 11 last year.

Several eyewitnesses had voiced fears westbound window cleaner Lamming was “going to crash” as he overtook a line of traffic at around 3-45pm. But as oncoming vehicles approached, Lamming swerved left and began to brake at 75mph before losing control. His car was seen to leave the road, roll upside down and hit a tree.

No other vehicle was involved in the crash, which left Lamming with serious multiple injuries, which included breaks to both legs and an arm. He was placed into a medically induced coma for two weeks having suffered traumatic impact to his head. His memory had been affected – he couldn’t recall crash – he couldn’t walk without the aid of a stick and his fiancée was now his carer.

Lamming admitted dangerous driving and was sentenced today by Judge Peter Davies who, having heard of the terrible injuries and impact, stated: “It really shows how catastrophic dangerous driving can be.”

A 10-month jail term was suspended for two years, and Lamming, of Valley Drive, Carlisle, was given a four-month night-time curfew, a 12-month driving ban and was ordered to take an extended re-test.

Speaking about the busy A69, Judge Davies said to Lamming: “People get impatient and that’s what happened here.

“You wanted to speed in your BMW. There were too many vehicles in front of you. You took a risk, not only with your car, with your own safety, but other road users and that’s unforgivable.”

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