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Cumbrian MPs agree to work together

L-R: Dr Neil Hudson, Simon Fell, Mark Jenkinson, Trudy Harrison, Jake Berry MP, The Northern Powerhouse Minister and John Stevenson

Cumbrian MP’s have once again agreed to meet on a regular basis in Westminster to discuss matters that affect the whole of Cumbria.

Topics and projects in previous parliaments that Cumbrian MPs have worked together on have included transport and infrastructure, tourism and Local Government.

With a few changes to Members of Parliament in Cumbria, Simon Fell MP (Barrow), Trudy Harrison MP (Copeland), Dr Neil Hudson MP (Penrith and the Border), Mark Jenkinson MP (Workington) and John Stevenson MP (Carlisle) have agreed to continue their frequent meetings to promote Cumbria in Westminster and continue to make Ministers aware of what the county has to offer nationally.

Simon Fell MP said: “These meetings are crucial to ensuring that Cumbria’s voice is heard in Westminster. It was great to have the Northern Powerhouse Minister along to our meeting so that we could let him know about our priorities, and how we’re working together to ensure that no part of Cumbria is left behind.”

Trudy Harrison MP said, “It is great to be working with colleagues who share a common ambition for Cumbria, working together without the divisions of politics ensures the focus is on progress.”

Dr Neil Hudson MP said: “It was great to get together as ‘Team Cumbria’ this week to discuss our priorities and how we can work together to achieve the best results for Cumbria. It was great to be joined by Jake Berry the Northern Powerhouse Minister to discuss things like transport, tourism and funding initiatives that will bolster our area.”

Mark Jenkinson MP said: “I was pleased to see that there was an established mechanism for Cumbrian MPs to work together on joint projects; creating a stronger voice in Westminster for our County. Issues such as infrastructure have knock on benefits to other constituencies and this joined up approach can only benefit Cumbria.”

John Stevenson MP said: “Cumbrian MPs have always worked together for the benefit of Cumbria, when they can find common ground and in previous Parliaments this has paid dividends. I am pleased that these discussions and common projects will continue to drive growth and success in Cumbria.”

The Cumbrian MPs will aim to meet monthly as a group. They will invite relevant leaders from Cumbria to Westminster to discuss topical issues.

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