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Burglars who broke into West Cumbria family home are jailed

Nicky Hewitson and Lee Moore

TWO burglars who broke into a West Cumbria home while three generations of the same family – including a four-year-old child – were inside have been handed lengthy jail terms.

Carlisle Crown Court was told how a married couple were in bed at their Church Road home in Flimby, on September 23 last year. Also in the address were their daughter, son-in-law and four-year-old grandson.

After opening a window, a noise was heard outside and a man was seen walking away from their property along the driveway. The occupants discovered a wallet containing bank cards had been snatched by raiders, found muddy footprints on the conservatory floor of their property and in the hallway, and called 999.

Police were alerted and officers stopped two men, Nicky Kevin Stephen Hewitson, 32, and 43-year-old Lee Moore – walking along the A596 towards Maryport, two miles from the crime scene.

On the ground next to where they had been standing were the three stolen bankcards, and two LED torches. The muddy footprints were matched to footwear seized from the crooks.

Hewitson, of Ward Street, Maryport, admitted burglary. Homeless Moore denied being involved in the break-in but he was convicted by a jury following a trial.

In a statement, the male householder said of the crime: “I‘m shocked, in fear of someone returning. I can’t stop thinking about this.”

Heavily-convicted Hewitson – a man with 130 offences to his name – and Moore were sentenced today (FRI), and jailed for 28 months and 36 months, respectively.

“Like any householders they were happily at home at night,” Judge Nicholas Barker told the pair of their victims. “You intruded. As an offence it certainly is greater harm became the house was occupied by the householders.”

Detective Constable James Graham said: “These men targeted this house while the people inside were asleep.

“The people of west Cumbria can be assured we will not tolerate any burglaries targeting any kind of properties.

“Those who do so can expect to face a police investigation and prosecution.

“These men thought they could enter where they shouldn’t be and take what didn’t belong to them.

“They now both have time to reflect on this.”

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