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The NHS in North Cumbria is supporting young people to get their Dream Placement

Kate Southwell and Courtney Mattinson

North Cumbria Integrated Care NHS Foundation (NCIC) is amongst a number of local organisations hosting placements for students interested in working for leading Cumbrian employers.

This year the trust is supporting two students, who showed a very keen interest in the NHS, with their placements during February half term and the Easter holidays.  Both were successful in their placement following a selection event in December.  Courtney Mattinson, 16, from Carlisle will be based in Cumberland Infirmary in February and will be spending time with the dietetics and occupational therapy teams. Kate Southwell, 16, from Maryport will be based at West Cumberland Hospital at Easter and will be learning about career opportunities within medicine.

Emma Barrow, Learning and Development Facilitator at NCIC, said: “The Dream Placement scheme is a great opportunity for the trust to meet and encourage local, young, students with great futures ahead of them to think about careers in the NHS.

“For those students completing a placement with us, we hope it gives them a real insight into what it’s like working in the NHS and give them the inspiration to come back and work locally in Cumbria when they qualify.

“It’s also a reminder for us all that we have so much talent in Cumbria and the future can be bright if we can encourage and guide our younger generation.”

The Dream Placement Scheme is provided by the Centre for Leadership Performance, from the Energus Building at Workington. It gives students an insight into the world of work with a leading Cumbrian employer. It is not just a simple work-experience scheme, students get a unique opportunity to see how the senior teams and leaders of industry go about dealing with the challenges they face. Dream Placement brings together young students of Cumbria with some of the most forward-looking and successful businesses in the county. It is a chance to learn vital leadership skills, boost confidence and see a glimpse of how working life could be in the future.

Centre for Leadership Performance, executive Director Sarah Glass, explains: “Dream Placement was co-created with businesses which now fund the scheme as a leadership development and placement programme where we ensure that everyone who applies will benefit.  It is a vital tool in addressing talent attraction and retention in Cumbria.

“This unique programme is so much more than work experience, providing an insight into leadership, broadening horizons for young people and building their confidence and skills.  But it simply could not happen without the support of businesses and partners working together with students and parents.”

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