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Is Happiness A State Of Mind?

The Largest Festival of Japanese Cinema returns to the Brewery! 7 Feb – 27 Mar.

Founded by the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs to promote international cultural exchange between Japan and the rest of the World, the hugely successful film festival is now in its 17th year and will be shown at a select group of cinemas across the UK.

Under the concept of Happiness, this year’s festival embraces the rich and complex spectrum of emotions that go hand in hand with this concept, the programme delves into the highs and lows society experience in the pursuit of happiness in Japan.

Happiness has long provided Japanese cinema with a staple theme and through the festival framework has been curated.

The festival highlights a diverse range of cinematic voices as they shine a light on stories of love, social inclusion, the humankind through times of hardship, and non-conventional paths to achieving and maintaining joy.

The Brewery’s Film Programmer Chris Ashton has selected a variety of films from the festival that will play from February 7th until March 27th in the Brewery’s intimate Warehouse venue.

The first film in the festival is a touching documentary named I Go Gaga, My Dear in which the filmmaker’s father cares for her mother who has dementia (February 7th, 7.45pm).

My Love Story

My Love Story! (14 Feb, 7.45pm) Follow the slapstick romantic antics of Takeo Goda, a pure-hearted and sincere high school freshman whose rugged looks and awkward manner repel girls.

Bento Harassment (21 Feb, 7.45pm) A true, universal tale about a single mother who seeks revenge on her rebellious teenage daughter through embarrassing her with daily messages of love in her ‘bentos’ (home-made boxed lunches).

A Banana At This Time of Night

A Banana? At This Time of Night? (6 Mar, 7.45pm) Based on a true story. Yasuaki Shikano suffers from muscular dystrophy; he is an eccentric character and demanding of his volunteers who cater to his every whim. When he falls in love, everyone’s lives begin to change…

Sea of Revival

Sea of Revival, (13 Mar, 7.45pm) A story of a family trying to get by despite their personal demons. When tragedy strikes, Ikou’s gambling addiction spirals, the family friend Onodera always saves the day, but is Ikou still deserving of this compassion?

My Dad is a Heel Wrestler (20 Mar, 7.45pm) Nine-year-old Shota’s understanding of goodies versus baddies is challenged in the wrestling arena when he discovers his father is actually the despicable heel wrestler Cockroach (Gokiburi) Mask.

Ride Your Wave

Ride Your Wave (27 Mar, 7.45pm) A moving anime about a surf-loving college student called Hinako. When her boyfriend loses his life at sea, she discovers that she can summon him on any watery surface, but can they be together forever?

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