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Members wanted for new Keswick Round Table group

Round Table is the largest young men’s organisation in the world with tens of thousands of members in over 50 countries and growing.

Round Table is also expanding locally and looking at rechartering Keswick Round Table number 424 later this year.

There are currently three Round Tables in Cumbria: Maryport, Cockermouth and Windermere. It was established in 1927 in Norwich and has now spread all over the world.

Round Table is for men aged 18 to 45 and promotes fellowship through the development of young men.

It is basically a social club that helps its local community with such events as organising Santa’s sleigh and beer festivals as well as volunteering at other events. Round Table is part of a four-club family, which includes 41 Clubs which is for tablers that have aged out, Ladies Circle which is the female equivalent of Round Table and Tangent which is the female equivalent of 41 Club.

Keswick Round Table meets every other Tuesday night in Keswick at approximately 7pm and does a variety of different activities from rock climbing to sausage making to paddle boarding. If you are male aged 18 to 45 and want to make your Tuesday nights as fun as your weekends then feel free to come along and message and like them on Facebook

Round Table is different for everyone; for some people it’s fellowship, a beer with friends, an opportunity to try new things, have new experiences, to travel the world, meet new people or to help their local community.

The biggest killer of young men is suicide with a lot of these men feeling like that they have nowhere to turn. With the challenges of modern-day life and pressures that comes with it. Round Table has become more relevant than ever and is a place were men can be themselves and support one another.

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