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Storm Ciara – Warwick Road Update

Officers are continuing to work with agencies on the situation on Warwick Road in Carlisle.

A midnight assessment by agencies has found that standing water levels on the affected area of Warwick Road and the car park at Tesco have not increased during the past three hours and are now showing signs of receding.

Rainfall from Storm Ciara has resulted in surface water flooding on Warwick Road, leading to the closure of the road for the majority of the night. The road will remain closed between Victoria Place and Victoria Road until the water recedes sufficiently for traffic to pass without incident. This will be kept under constant review throughout the night.

It is believed that the river levels for the Eden and Petteril have reached their respective peaks and the high-tide period has passed. It is also predicted that the current weather forecast shows no increased risk of flooding during the night.

Inspector Mike James said: “The current situation is that the standing water levels have thankfully not increased during the past three hours and we expect the water to recede.

“It is believed that both the high-tide and peak river levels have come and gone, with the current weather forecast showing no further increased risk to residents on Warwick Road during tonight.

“Our officers will continue to monitor the situation with the relevant agencies and remain in the area.

“This has been a dynamic situation which agencies have carefully examined and worked to ensure flood prevention measures are in place. I would like to thank residents for the patience they have shown.”

For the latest information on the county’s roads please visit or contact the Cumbria Highways hotline on 0300 303 2992.

Keep up-to-date with the weather at and the latest flood situation at or follow @EnvAgencyNW on Twitter for the latest updates.

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