Cumbria Crack

MP to meet floods minister to urge action on River Kent flood defences

River Kent (photo Oliver Hodgson)

Cumbrian MP Tim Farron will meet the floods minister, Rebecca Pow later today to make the case for the Government to get on with putting in place flood defences to protect people along the River Kent in the wake of Storm Ciara.

Tim said: “After a weekend when flood water from the River Kent was just inches from people’s homes, it’s clear we had a lucky escape.

“It’s been four long years since Storm Desmond destroyed homes and businesses across our area, and the Environment Agency finally have a fully funded scheme ready to go.

“Now is not the time for dither and delay, but for action.

“We owe it to our friends and neighbours whose lives were turned upside back in 2015, and who live in fear every time there is heavy rainfall, to get these flood defences built and I will be making that case directly to the minister this afternoon.”

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