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Green for go at Kingmoor Park’s new solar farm

The solar farm at Kingmoor Park

The first phase of the creation of a 4-acre solar farm on the Brunthill Estate in the middle of Kingmoor Park is now complete.

It has taken a 20-man team from Solar Maintenance Services only two weeks to install 3000 ground mounted solar, photovoltaic panels each measuring 1.6 x 0.9m.

The next phase, which has now begun will see the completion of the electrical engineering works. The solar farm will be operational from the end of March and will provide 877,000kWh (kilowatt hours) of electricity per annum approximately equivalent of up to 20% of Kingmoor Park’s energy needs which will save around 250 tonnes of C02 per year.

Neil McIntyre, Kingmoor Park’s Managing Director said: “This is a definite milestone in our aim to reduce the site’s energy needs from non-renewable sources. We are continually looking for ways to work with our tenants to devise initiatives for the site’s future and in this case, we are working very closely with Solar Maintenance Services and North Lakes Energy to ensure that we are providing the best energy solutions for the site as a whole.

“We were pleased that one of our own tenants were able to provide a solution to Kingmoor Park becoming more sustainable. Working with Solar Maintenance Services has been straight forward and we are delighted to be moving forward to the engineering phase.”

James Mclinden, Managing Director of Solar Maintenance Services and North Lakes Energy comments: “We began work on the construction phase of our plan back in late December and despite the poor weather conditions, we are 2 weeks ahead of schedule on the overall installation plan. We are very much looking forward to completion of the project, with switch on planned for the end of March.”

Solar Maintenance Services look after around 50 megawatts of solar throughout the UK made up of other solar fields and some residential systems.

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