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Pilgrim Passports now available in Carlisle Cathedral

Pilgrim passports are now available in every Church of England cathedral as part of the national campaign for 2020 Year of Cathedrals, Year of Pilgrimage.

These passport sized booklets have been devised by two Cathedral Education colleagues, Jackie Holderness at Christ Church Oxford and Portsmouth Cathedral’s Sarah Page, who simply wanted to encourage visitors of all age to see their visit as a pilgrimage.

Jackie Holderness said: “Many Cathedrals seek to engage with visitors on a deeper, spiritual level, so that even if they have arrived as tourists and strangers, they may feel pilgrims when they leave.

“We want all our visitors to develop and grow their own pilgrim heart,” she added.

The passports have been published by the Association of English Cathedrals and are launched now as part of the Year of Cathedrals, Year of Pilgrimage project.  They are available to buy in every Church of England Cathedral, Cathedral Isle of Man as well as St Davids Cathedral in Wales, and will be available more widely soon. The hope is that the passport will inspire people to seek out other holy places as well as visit cathedrals.

The A6 size Pilgrim Passport is full of inspirational quotes, pilgrim poems and prayers, a check list of cathedrals by region, and blank pages for visitors to record their thoughts and get their passport stamped at every cathedral or holy place they visit. Each cathedral has stickers for visitors to use in the passport too.

Dr Dee Dyas, Director for the Centre for the Study of Christianity and Culture, and Director for Pilgrimage Studies at York University said: “Pilgrimage has formed part of almost every faith through the centuries and increasing numbers of people today are finding the idea of being a pilgrim very appealing – whether they consider themselves ‘religious’ or not. All of us can relate to seeing our lives as a journey, enhanced by special places with special meaning.

“Cathedrals are increasingly becoming such special places because they offer peace, beauty, and a chance to pause and reflect along the way.

“The new Pilgrim Passport encourages everyone to find their own meaning though visiting these amazing buildings,” she added.

You can also buy your Pilgrim Passport online from the Church Print Hub

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